15 July 2014

Cube Cities @ TEDx Piraí

Cube Cities is pleased to have our city data visualizations featured by John Jung, Co-Founder of the Intelligent Community Forum in his recent TEDx presentation in Piraí, Brazil.

In his presentation, John discusses the state of the smart cities movement around the world and the implications for society. Cube Cities visualizations of building data in Lower Manhattan and downtown Calgary are used to explain the emergence of intelligent communities. Watch John's presentation here.

3 July 2014

Google's 3D City Rollout Across Canada

Over the past several months Google has been rolling out new autogenerated 3D imagery across Canada. Large sections of metro Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Oshawa/Ajax and Montréal have been released to date. The maps below show the boundaries of this new 3D coverage. Examine the skyline imagery of Vancouver and Montréal to see the fine detail.

Cube Cities can deploy its building visualization technology to any city using this new 3D imagery. The complete coverage of every building in these cities makes them come alive in Google Earth and enables very high quality city data visualization using the Cube Cities technology platform. 

Toronto, Ottawa, Victoria, Quebec City and Halifax will likely be released by Google in the near future.

Download a KML file to these 3D imagery boundaries from Cube Cities here.

Vancouver Skyline
Oshawa / Ajax
Montréal Skyline

13 June 2014

Visualizing Risk to Buildings

Cube Cities now provides 3D risk mapping services to organizations that maintain data on different types of threats that exist for large residential or commercial properties. With the Cube Cities platform its easy to drop an Excel file with coordinates or building addresses and instantly see risk proximity visualizations. Even very specific floor-level visualizations are possible to explain hazards or danger in a building. 3D risk mapping services are now available in all major North American cities.

Watch the video below to see how Cube Cities identifies buildings of highest risk of damage from the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, wandering towards Park Avenue from East 52nd Street in Midtown Manhattan.

Fullscreen, high resolution link: https://youtube.googleapis.com/v/_mB_SaP5Rcg&hd=1

Below is an animated GIF version of the video created by a posting on this product from Nerdist.com

6 June 2014

Styling 3D Building Data

The Cube Cities platform allows customers to create and style 3D maps of dense urban areas using their own building data to produce effective communication tools for real estate. Our large dataset of building coordinates for over 25 cities in North America and Europe can be styled to help customers find specific data in dense urban areas like San Francisco, Chicago and New York. It's easy to load and explore real estate data in these Cube Cities applications by simply dragging a Excel file into Google Earth.

The examples below illustrate some different styling options for visualizing building and floor data in San Francisco's Market Street corridor and surrounding financial district.

8 May 2014

3D Visualization of Building Ownership by REIT and Large Cap Firms

Cube Cities visualizes building ownership in selected major downtown markets. See ownership by REIT and large cap firms in downtown Toronto and Calgary in the market videos below. Companies surveyed: Brookfield, Dundee REIT, H&R REIT, CREIT, Allied REIT, Artis REIT, Morguard REIT, Cominar. (Q1 2014)

Downtown Toronto:

Downtown Calgary

23 April 2014

Cube Cities Granted Patent Protection in Singapore

Cube Cities Inc. has successfully extended it's intellectual property protection outside of Canada with the granting of Patent 190102 by the Registrar of Patents in Singapore. Cube Cities IP covers the world's most efficient and economic method of visualizing building information.