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20 March 2017

Cube Cities @ MIPIM 2017

We attended the 2017 MIPIM property show in Cannes last week to see what was new in the world of real estate development and marketing technology. We were pleased to see our customers Ivanhoé Cambridge and Altus Group in attendance at this premier event for large and small participants in almost every sector of the real estate industry. Interior visualization company Matterport was also at the show along with many other new technology firms focused on space visualization and geomatics. MIPIM will organize a technology focused event, Proptech in New York on October 11th this year which we look forward to attending.

Of special note at MIPIM were the major installations of city models from local city governments across the world, especially the exhibits put on by the City of London, Paris, Moscow, Istanbul and Dubai. The show is primarily an investment-oriented event where institutional funds from around the globe can come together to get a sense of the hottest up and coming projects to invest capital.

12 March 2017

Australia IP Grants Cube Cities Patent

AusPat, the Australian Government's IP authority has granted a patent to Cube Cities for our 3D visualization technology for buildings. We're excited about the potential of deploying our services to Australian cities and leveraging this new IP asset. Read more about our Australian patent here.

28 February 2017

Matterport Positioning Service from Cube Cities

Cube Cities has developed an innovative process of geolocating Matterport-captured space within a building. Using our coordinate-based drawing system, we can highlight exactly where a Matterport space is located in a property. The result is improved spatial awareness of where space is located on a floor or multiple floors, how the space is oriented and its relation to neighbouring properties. 

Additionally, the service allows a Matterport user's collection of VR spaces to be visualized across a skyline.

Cube Cities provides this process as a low cost service to make it easy for Matterport users to showcase their spaces in any property in the world using our floor-level 3D building technology. Contact us for pricing.

Up close with a Matterport space in 3D

Matterport space on the 16th floor of 225 West Washington in Chicago's West Loop 

Looking down on a Matterport space

225 West Washington's location in the Chicago Loop

29 January 2017

KPMG Includes Cube Cities In Real Estate Innovators Survey

We're happy to be included by KPMG in their global survey of real estate technology innovators. Cube Cities is featured alongside companies such as Floored and Matterport in a group of only 7 companies in their Virtual Reality and 3D category.

Download the report here.

26 August 2016

Matterport Virtual Tours Inside Cube Cities

Matterport demo in Chicago
Have a Matterport virtual tour of an office space to share? Here's an example of how Cube Cities can precisely geolocate the Matterport tour on a building floor and show the space in our 3D city environment using Cesium. This helps communicate exactly where office or retail space is located in a building, how the space is demised and where the view looks out onto.

Try our Matterport demo to go inside a floor in Chicago's 225 W. Washington office building.

Floorspace in 225 W. Washington